time for a heating upgradeRemember the long, cold winter we just had on Vancouver Island? For many of us it was painful not only because of cold winds and icy roads. Those weeks of minus temperatures in December and January also hit some people right in the wallet. Homeowners stuck with oil or electric heat felt the pinch the worst, facing utility bills of up to $1000 per month.  If this was you, then make this year the one where you get a heating upgrade. You could be enjoying the winter months for as little as 30 cents an hour.

If you are worried that cheaper, more efficient heating means actually switching out the monstrous central heating system lurking in the basement, then you might be relieved to look at your heating options a different way. With today’s natural gas fireplaces, you can meet your core heating needs and leave the baseboards and central heaters turned off.  Natural gas fireplaces come not only in a range of styles, but also a wide selection of heat output capability. In fact, whether you live in a modest bungalow or a luxurious estate with great rooms and lots of open space, we have the product to cover your needs.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how you can go from chilled to comfortable once the weather turns cold:

1.       Let Us Get To Know You at the Ark@Home Showroom

We have filled our showroom with over 40 makes and models of fireplace inserts, wood stoves and more, so you can choose a style, size and format to meet your needs. One of our expert sales advisors will spend time with you to uncover everything he needs to know to fit you with the right product.

2.       Arrange an In-Home Visit

Our in-home consultation is where we go over the logistics of putting in your heating upgrade. We take the specifics of your home into account so we can find the best method of bringing the natural gas fitting to where it’s needed (if you are purchasing a gas system), and arrange ventilation for your new heating unit. We plan out everything about your upcoming installation in advance so there are no surprises for us or for you.

3.       Sit Back While We Do The Work

Now’s not the time to put on your Do-It-Yourself boots. Our industry-trained and certified installation teams will come with all the tools and equipment to make the job look simple. In addition, if you want to change your fireplace surround and mantle, we will arrange contractors who are skilled in tile work and masonry.

4.       Enjoy Your Heating Upgrade

Whatever style you have chosen, you can relax in the knowledge that the coming winter weather is going to feel a lot better than it did last year.


One more thing:

There’s no time like the present to arrange for a new heating system with Ark@Home. By booking now, your turnaround time from showroom selection to complete installation is about two weeks – half the time of our “peak season” in the fall. Contact us or stop by our showroom at 1950 Government Street today!