Improve the Heat Efficiency of Your Fireplace or Wood Stove

fireboxClean ash from the firebox or your wood stove whenever it reaches the bottom of the grate, or door, where it can impede airflow (an inch of ash in the fireplace will actually make it easier to maintain a fire). Wear a dust mask and gloves for safety or use a plant mister to wet the ash before you shovel it out.



Replacing a gas fireplace is a great way to add value and usefulness to your condo

replacing Gas Fireplace increases condo valueReplacing a gas fireplace is often a great way to add value and usefulness to your condo.  We can replace your fireplace only or we can work with other artisans to replace the mantle and facing, or even as part of a larger update.  In the end you will have a lower cost heating source as well as a dramatically better fireplace than the original.  This will also help your condo stand out compared to others down the road when you decide to sell. Many owners are surprised how easy it can be, Ark can look after as few or many details as the customer wants.  Many owners like to take on the tile work themselves, while others choose a turn-key approach.