Gas Chimney Systems

For over 40 years, SECURITY brand stainless steel chimney and connector pipes have been a top selling product in North America. Safe, efficient and a Lifetime Limited Warranty against corrosion. ARK@HOME has been selling and installing SECURITY chimneys since 1978.

Buying direct from the manufacturer, no company beats our chimney prices, no company in Greater Victoria has installed more chimneys than Ark at Home, and no company carries an inventory for the Do It Yourself crowd like Ark at Home. When you come into the store, all of our staff understand how all of the pieces go together, no wandering around looking for a sales person that may or may not know how to fit the correct system for your home. We stock complete chimney systems including smoke pipes and double wall low clearance stove pipes.

The most common installations are:

Installation Key

We offer full WETT Certified installation services, or cash and carry for the Do It Yourself crowd.