3011, 2017

Christmas Decorating Tips for Comfort, Joy – and Safety

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Remembrance Day and American Thanksgiving have come and gone, and the big Holiday Season is only a few weeks ahead. If you like snuggling up […]

2510, 2017

Gas Fireplaces: Changes from Then to Now

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Back in the 1980s, when gas fireplaces first became popular, it wasn’t because they were gorgeous. 35 years ago, they were little more than a […]

1309, 2017

3 Reasons Buying Hearth Products Online is Risky

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We know the temptation: home improvements always seem to cost more than you originally planned, and you want to make some cost savings along the […]

208, 2017

Looking for a Heating Upgrade? Here’s What to Expect

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Remember the long, cold winter we just had on Vancouver Island? For many of us it was painful not only because of cold winds and […]

1506, 2017

11 Excellent Reasons to Choose [email protected]

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We know you have choices when it comes to finding a place to buy a fireplace. Here are some excellent reasons why [email protected] should be […]

2605, 2017

Why is my Fireplace Manual Important?

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This post originally appeared on ValorFirplaces.com

While instruction manuals might be something you usually just throw in the nearest drawer, your fireplace’s manual contains important safety, […]

1702, 2017

As the Wind Continues to Blow Consider Your Energy Efficiency

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As the wind continues blow with daytime temperatures hovering near zero, we know we’re all in for a shock when the utility bills arrive. Upgrading […]

3011, 2016

Character Home gets an Energy Efficient Boost and Beautification!

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Jasmine called us with a challenge.

Her character home had original coal burning fireplaces and old not-to-code masonry (see photo above). Any upgrades had to blend […]

411, 2016

Latest Winners: “Free Lunch on Us” at the Fireside Grill

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We truly appreciate your business, and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.
Stefan who recommended ARK to the Kutzer’s
Stretch & Molly who recommended […]

310, 2016

Fortis BC Natural Gas Price Increase – The Real Impact

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The press recently announced an 80% increase in natural gas prices and while the cost per GJ of natural gas will be rising from $1.14 […]