3 Reasons Why Buying Hearth Products Online Is RiskyWe know the temptation: home improvements always seem to cost more than you originally planned, and you want to make some cost savings along the way. But here are 3 good reasons why you shouldn’t try buying hearth products online and installing them yourself.

You’re Literally Playing With Fire

Today’s hearth is more than just a convenient hole in your home where you build a fire. Whether your preference is for electric, natural gas, propane, a pellet stove or a wood-burning stove, you have safety issues to consider.  First, the equipment needs to be tested and certified; second, it needs to be the right product for your home.  It’s not worthwhile to purchase new or second-hand online, because there’s no guaranteed way to know that what you are getting meets all the criteria that it should, from air quality bylaws to correct size.

Professional Hearth Installers Know Their Product

When you’re considering buying hearth products online, you may find some sites that feature diagrams, FAQs and troubleshooting guides. Unfortunately, you’re still essentially on your own.  Those resources are there because the installer is you, and not an expert. By comparison, professional hearth installers like the team at Ark@Home have undergone extensive training, and install an average of 500 fireplaces and wood-burning stoves per year. There’s almost no situation that they haven’t seen — so you can count on them for the right product and installation.

Your Guess Is As Good As…

When it comes to estimating costs for a heating system, you’re putting your budget at risk by shopping online. By comparison, professional heating installers have their estimates down to a science, and they think of all the details that you may have forgotten.

Which would you rather choose? A risk-filled job with a product that you ordered online, or expertise you can expect when you work with professionals?  If you need to keep your costs down, do yourself a favour and make sure your hearth is right the first time. Appreciate the savings, enjoy the beauty and warmth of your hearth, and hang the wallpaper yourself.